Tai Jutsu Leeds

Welcome to Tai Jutsu Leeds


To Begin with


You don’t even need to be in Shape and there is no need for any prior experience, as we will work with you on all your training needs.


To experience the exciting and challenge of learning a real martial art, we invite you to come and visit one of our classes and if you wish you can have a trail introductory martial art lesson for free at the same time, And if you wish at the same time you can take the opportunity to speak with one of our instructors and meet our friendly and professional staff.


All our classes are suitable for all ages and both sexes and all abilities, our club has a wide range of students, ranging from World champions to people with physical and learning disabilities.


All are always made welcome and looked after and we are extremely proud of all our students


The hardest part of the martial arts is taking your first step in!



Our Younger Children  


Our little ninjas Program will encourage each student to be their best. Your son /daughter will not only gain the confidence that comes with knowing how to protect themselves; they gain the life skills to succeed physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

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Tai Jutsu Leeds are excited to present the following programs to you, whether you’re new to training, or just wanting to get back in to shape, or have more competitive aspirations in mind, we have a program designed especially for you.

We have your goal in mind and will strive to meet and exceed them together in a safe and fun environment.



He who is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.