Tai Jutsu Leeds




About us    


Tai Jutsu Leeds is a non-profit Martial Art club.


The reason we run them as not for profit, as we feel that learning a martial art can be highly important, for self defense and character building as well as many other reasons. We also want to ensure we can offer our training to as many people as possible.


Everything penny we make at Tai Jutsu Leeds is rightfully put back into our clubs and students.  As a result of being a  not for profit martial art group, you get instructors that give 110% as they are doing it because its their passion and want to make a difference in peoples lives.


Our passion is why in my opinion is why we are able to offer the best training around.



"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve"

あなたの心を想像すると信じることができるものは何でも、それは "達成することができます