Tai Jutsu Leeds


Forthcoming events with Tai Jutsu Leeds


March 12th Competition in Peterborough (Bush Field Leisure Centre) Standing, Ground and Kata.


April 30th Bradford (UK All Style Association) Standing and Kata


May a specially designed first aid course for the Martial Arts (Leeds)


June 5th North folk Open (Standing, Ground and Kata)


June 17th & 18th Two day grading including Black belt grading.

(Armley Sports Centre Leeds)


At the end of June a specially designed coaching course for the Martial Arts (Leeds)


June 25th Competition Peterborough (Bush Field Leisure Centre)


July and August there may be a Ground fighting Competition in Chesterfield

(Watch out for more details)


An in house Child Protection Course


November 6th North Folk Open (Standing and Kata)


November 25th Winter Grading (Leeds)


November 26th Competition Peterborough (Bush field Leisure Centre)


Aswell as all this, there is always a mountain of Charity work that goes on through the year, which we always need help with so please think about volunteering!




If you wish to have an event published here please contact Sensei Sean on 07963502424






"fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times"