Tai Jutsu Leeds

Our Junior Program



The world of the Martial Arts is an excellent opportunity to help your child, in so many ways.


Our goal is to build our junior students from the inside out, this means that our first goal is to build their self-confidence, self-discipline and once our students are armed with these characteristics, then they will be able to apply their full effort in training with the yes I can attitude.


The beauty of the Martial Art manifests itself as students strengthen their mind, body and spirit. Physically your child will see improvement of flexibility, refinement of reflexes, development of balance and coordination through natural movement and body dynamics. This results in Improved health, a sense of well being and confidence for you child.


We teach honour and build character, a none violent attitude, courtesy, intensity and respect to others as well as self-control.


The most important aspect in the martial arts is discipline which is strictly enforced in and out of our classes.


Parents greatly appreciate our Junior program, because they can normally notice the difference in their child`s behavior and confidence which normally starts to show in the first 3 months or so.


We accept students from 5 years of age, our certified instructors will treat your child with care and respect as they share their knowledge and motivate your child with passion for the martial arts.


Our highly-qualified instructors are a positive role model that encourage`s each student to be their best.



Never forget that, at the most, the teacher can give you fifteen percent of the art. The rest you have to get for yourself through practice and hard work. I can show you the path but I can not walk it for you.”