Tai Jutsu Leeds

Matthew McHale Instructor



Mathew is our main instructor for our younger students and all our special needed students.

He has a natural ability with our younger students, which in adult life has helped him to become a brilliant special needs teacher.


Matthew has been a Martial Artist all his life gaining a So Dan in Tai Jutsu and Ju–Jitsu and Kobudo which wasn't that easy for him to achieve, especially when his Father is Sensei Sean is our Chief instructor. Sensei Sean trained Matthew and his bother harder than any other Black belt candidate ever.


Matthew was extremely successful as a junior National Champion in many national Sports Ju-Jitsu and Back to Back competitions and since he has began training in our adult classes from the age of 14 has also been training with the Scottish National Sports Ju-Jitsu team and as well as all this, he still manages to hold down a full time job and is also studying at University on a night for his Masters in Special needs


Matthew is all round nice Guy and is single and is open to offers from any nice ladies.



"Of old the expert in battle would first make their self-invincible and then wait for his enemy to expose his vulnerability."