Tai Jutsu Leeds

Origins of  Tai-Jutsu




The birth of Tai-Jutsu


Tai Jutsu originated in Japan some six hundred years ago at the time of the feudal wars and being over run by a much superior force, the fore-fathers of Tai Jutsu retreated in to the mountains and fought a highly successful guerrilla war and in the process learned how to fight in a highly practical, but simple and effective way and finally won the war.

This was the birth of Tai Jutsu, and over the years unlike most other martial arts it keeps evolving to match the changes in the way people fight and what they fight with.


Tai Jutsu Leeds is taught under the Directorship of Sensei Sean McHale and with the help of many good friends is run as a non-profit making organization targeting low income areas of Leeds and was established to educate all those wishing to learn the beauty of a traditional martial arts who otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity.


Tai Jutsu takes it roots from Ju-Jitsu with all its honour and nobility, it incorporates western boxing, kicks of Thai Boxing, which makes it extremely practical for the 21st century and is one of the most practical and effective Martial Arts in the World.


Tai Jutsu is Suitable for all ages and both sexes and is taught in spoken English.

Training with Tai Jutsu Leeds, students are expected to follow the strict code of conduct on and off the mats at all times.


Tai Jutsu Leeds is not just another after school activity, like football, cricket and other sports that are great activates for children, but with Tai Jutsu Leeds is making personal development through a physical discipline our exciting yet disciplined classes focus a child attention, thus improving their ability to learn, achieving a sense of accomplishment and with every accomplishment

Students grow with confidence, physical and mental well being, instilling values of respect, courtesy and honesty.




Never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback, even if he deserves it...Don't allow his anger to become your anger.”