Tai Jutsu Leeds

Sean McHale - Chief Instructor




Sensei Sean has trained in the martial arts for most of his life in many different styles and associations and has gained many different Dan grades in many different styles.

It has been said that he has more black belts than most tailors, And also that when he was born he had a Gi on and a set of boxing gloves!


He was the director to the W.C.J.J.O for six years and chief coach and director to the Scottish National Sports Ju-Jitsu team, With his help they won more medals then ever before for Scotland.


He has recently left the A.M.A. executive Ju-Jitsu technical committee to join the I.M.A.S.A, as their Yorkshire director.


His teaching style is to shout and ball like a drill sergeant, but we have it on good authority he isn't mad! He's very hard, but also very fair and is always there for his instructors and students and their families on and of the mats 24/7.



"Everyone has a plan until they've been hit."