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Testimonials Kevin Cullingham (Senior Student) I had always wanted to learn a martial art but had never got around to it, until I saw a display by Tai Jutsu Leeds a couple of years ago,I was that impressed that I thought I would give it a go. It was one of the best things I ever did and the training is brilliant and it pushes me to my limit every lesson. After 2 years I am now a green belt, which is quite achievement as I had to survive a six hour grading fighting some of the best martial artists around, many of whom were world champions. Since joining Tai Jutsu Leeds I have also competed in many national competitions and I have surprised myself, by wining gold, silver and bronzes medals at many of these national championships in back to back/ ground fighting and sports Ju-Jitsu/ standing fighting, where I had to fight many Black Belts from all around the country. This is something Sensei Sean does with us on a regular bases, as he normally take juniors grades to competitions to give them experience, as he knows that if he takes his senior grades, that they will normally wipe the floor and he preferred to give his junior grades a chance for some glory. Normally all our junior grades do extremely well, which always comes of great annoyance to many instructors, who thinks that Sensei Sean puts in ringers (Black belt pretending to be junior grades) But that just goes to show the difference in training!
Kevin Cullingham

Kieran Kelly - Black Belt



When I start training in Tai Jutsu, I was already a brown in Ju-Jitsu, but up till I started training with you guys I never had experience what real martial art and fighting was about! All we did before was techniques and no real fighting, but since I start training with you guys I definitely made up for the loss of time, the training is fantastic and so realistic and It helped me win my first ever competition, and a national one at that! Thanks for everything, apart from the eight hour long grading for my Ju-Jitsu black belt. Kieran Kelly

                    Anonymous Junior Story wrote on his behalf by his father




My son had been learning martial arts at another club for over two years, which had being costing us a small fortune, but he had graded up to brown belt with a white stripe, but within this time his club had changed styles from karate to MMA, and then to something else, it was very confusing for us and all the students, but more so for my son who has autism.


But to my son’s credit he gave it a go, but then started to lose interest, but we were lucky enough to have heard about Tai Jutsu Leeds from one of the other students who had already left so we decided to give it a go, it was totally different from what he was doing before!


But not in a bad way, they were brilliant, they never said or implied that my son had be taught badly, but even I could tell the difference from his basic such as kicks, punches  and break falls and they have so much time for him.


They also were kind enough to let him keep wearing his old belt and they have said, he will be able to wear this until he grades in the future, I know that this time that what ever grade he gets he will have earned and this will mean more to him and us than ever before.


M.J .   A very proud father





                         Olivia Brown (junior student)


I’ve been training with Tai Jutsu Leeds for nearly two years now and it’s been great fun, but hard work, but it’s really been worth it and recently it came in very useful! I have just recently started high school and a gang of six form students had been giving me a hard time and pushed there luck a little to much one day. One of them tried stealing my new phone that was one step too far for me! I had to try to stop him and I ended up dropping him with a knee take down or in other words a knee to his nuts! He dropped straight to the ground with a whimper with tears in his eyes. All his friends who had been giving me such a hard time, magically disappeared, School now is a much better place and they all now keep out of my way,( not bad for a first year!) Olivia Brown


I am very proud of this young lady for her been so brave, its not easy to stand up to one person who’s much bigger then yourself, but to stand up to a group of not so pleasant teenagers takes great deal of courage. Well Done! Sensei Sean McHale




                    Anonymous senior story


The reason i started training at Tai Jutsu was that i always loved playing football even from been a kid, but when things started to get rough on the pitch i would always back down. So i decided it was time i started to learn how to look after myself and started to learn Tai Jutsu under Sensei Sean and after a few months i started to feel much more confident in myself and this helped me in my football where i was more happier and able to get stuck in more and not back down as i did before and this showed in how i played. But this isn't to say that i started fighting when things got rough, it was quite the opposite as i had been taught that violence should always be your last action. But after a year at training at one particular game a guy who had always made my life a misery started on me as usual, but this time it didn't bother me as much and this got to him more than ever and he kept being warned by the ref. But he finally lost it big style and pushed me over and all that happen was that my training took over, I did a forward roll came up in a fighting stances and as he ran on to me I hit him! I did get sent off but it felt good and this guy doesn't bother me at games any more and the funny thing was the ref after the game told me the guy deserved what he got but he had to send me off! "An anonymous Senior Student who still loves football more than anything" - Sensei Sean McHale





                                      Steve Cadman Senior student




I always wanted to learn a martial art and I'm really glad I picked Tai Jutsu, it's great for the fitness side, but its also been great for building confidence. The skills i learnt really came in useful recently when I was attacked in my own home, and managed to over come a much larger attacker and ended up controlling him with a strangle, which helped him to see sense, before he passed out and hopefully will now think twice before attacking some one else again!


 It was amazing what I remembered when I needed it, thanks to Sean and all the other instructors!


Steve Cadman


 P.S Also I just managed to win two gold's medals at my first ever national competition thanks for everything guys!

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